Q&As fra Sustainability-webinaret (05.03.24)

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Kjære medlemmer,

Vi er glade for å informere dere om at Glenn Thorsen, fra FCM Consulting, har besvart deres spørsmål fra det siste webinaret. Vi håper svarene vil være til hjelp for dere i deres videre arbeid og refleksjon.

Igjen, takk for deres deltakelse og interesse!


Spørsmål og svar:

Will we get the presentation afterwards?

  • Yes, presentation and Q&A’s will be available on our website during this week (week 10)


What about electrical airplanes, any regulations or discussion around that?

  • There is currently no formalized regulation for electric aircraft. Norway have set a target of having the first commercially operating domestic routes powered by electric aircraft from 2030 and all domestic routes powered by electric aircraft from 2040, but no formal regulation to execute this has been approved yet.


As a buyer, how can I make sure that the report from various suppliers is comparable?

  • In order to ensure reports from suppliers are comparable you have to request complete transparency to the methodology that has been applied to the calculations (DEFRA / VDR /ADEME / etc.) and then confirm with your climate team if this matches your requirements.

  • If the standard / methodology does not match your requirements, then you are better served by taking the underlying data such as distance / city pair / itinerary, aircraft type, carrier, etc. and calculating with your own preferred service / partner to ensure complete consistency.


Will there be any future EU standard on ie trains?

  • In the short / medium term, it is highly unlikely there will be a single EU standard on any transport category, including trains. The EU approach has consistently been to determine a broadly acceptable common platform and then a set of recommendations / criteria which are passed to member states to set their own regulatory standards.
    • CSRD is another example of this where the EU has created common guidelines, but the final execution of the specific details are left to individual countries to formally decide.
    • Most member states typically use the baseline guidance criteria from the EU, so this does become very close to a common standard, but individual discrepancies can still surface between countries.


Can you share the web links from ie VDR?


Do you also focus on the social aspects of sustainability in addition to the environmental/CO2 aspects you have mentioned now? l.e. labour right, human rights, etc.

  • There are plenty of ‘non carbon’ aspects of sustainability that are equally important to focus on – the «Sustainability is more than carbon» slide is there to highlight exactly this. My core focus is typically centered around quantifiable emission strategies covering emission reductions in travel among other elements, and these strategic efforts are often tied directly to Net Zero targets / emission reduction milestones.
    • Other elements often sit with other stakeholders in the organization, but they are certainly not ignored.


Can Glenn share some more knowledge on what kind of regulations are in place for ie EU when it comes to common demands reporting on SAF?

  • There are currently very few regulations around reporting for SAF (which is why this area can be such a big strategic challenge). There is a lot of ongoing dialogue around the application of ‘Book & Claim’ models & methodology, without formal directives in place yet.
    • Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) does have an established framework for how to quantify SAF contributions & emission reductions as part of your published Net Zero goals, so if this is part of your strategy it is important to have a full understanding of the impacts.


Where can I find various sustainability topics that is beeing discussed in EU?

  • Sustainability topics are discussed in a wide range of public forums, and newsletters / subscriptions can be set up just as you would with any other form of news – industry channels like BTN (Europe) have regular sustainability newsletters that put more targeted focus on the topic.


On the last slide / dashboard of various sustainability metrics – is there any template that can be shared related to this dashboard?

  • I do not have a further template beyond the presentation, if any of the members are interested in discussing the opportunities outlined in the presentation, I can set up a call with them to discuss this.