Nordic Newsletter | apr 2021

Dear Friends,

Now that the dust has settled, we can conclude that the Nordic Business Travel Summit 2021 was a great success. The feedback from our sponsors, speakers and delegates has been overwhelming and we are so happy to finally have been able to deliver the event. On that note, our four chairpersons have asked to have this note included in the newsletter:

“We would like to take the opportunity to thank the great leaders of our four associations for creating a fantastic 2021 virtual NBTS. The concept was new, the challenges were new. Despite that, they managed to deliver a fantastic event that created positive attention all over Europe. We have even had feedback stating that this was the best virtual event in our industry ever!

That is truly amazing and we know that you all join us in a big THANK YOU to Lotten Fowler, Anne Mette Berg, Sari Viljamaa and Jan Henrik Ulvatne for making this happen.

As in all large projects there are more people involved “behind the scenes” and we also want to take this opportunity to thank all of you. Thanks again for all your hard work! We look forward to seeing you all again soon.»

On behalf of all the Boards through

Mette Bank DBTA Chair, Pia Kari FBTA Chair, Hilde Dahm Simonsen NBTA Chair and Mia Andersson SBTA Chair

Our new landing page will be filled with more and more content, relevant to all our associations. We’ll be adding selected materials also from the NBTS, so keep an eye out for updates!

The short exercise videos from #NBTS2021 have now been uploaded to our nordic webpage. Why not take a short break to stretch?

Also, do not forget about our new cross-country membership! All Buyers who have one or more full memberships in any of the four Nordic Business Travel Associations can invite colleagues from other Nordic countries to join their local association at a discounted membership fee. More info of this benefit can also be found on the

We continue to build on collaboration with important stakeholders, both in the region and in Europe. This is with the aim to further strengthen our voice and to draw benefits from others in reaching out to decision makers. We believe in the strength of numbers and in learning from each other.

Upcoming Nordic events
April 22: The Era of Purposeful Travel, webinar with Louise Kilgannon of Festive Road. You can sign up here, and will find more information on your national association’s as well as the NordicBTA web page.

May 26, TMC Showcase, virtual. This will be a Buyer Only session – stay tuned for more information within April.

March 22-23, NBTS2022 in Stockholm. This will most probably be a Hybrid Event, which means there will be a choice of attending in person or virtually. Make sure to add it in your calendar already now!

Let’s hope we can start meeting in person after the summer holidays. We cannot wait to meet you all again!

Best regards,

Anne Mette DBTA
Lotten SBTA
Marianne NBTA


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